Some Gossip!

Do you remember a account names gossipbyelle? She was pretty known around Stardoll in 2007 i believe and well I was reading some gossip on PSG (PerezStarGossip) I came across this picture and I notice at the top that there was a girl named EliteNews. But its weird how this was in '07 and our EliteNews as we know her made her account late '09.

I was also thinking that Elitenews main account was BeverlyHillsHei but I don't really think so anymore because they seem like to different, scratch that, two totally different people! Also I can't base my mind on only one picture.
The presentation of "GossipbyElle" is obviously crazy! She was lie acting as if she was her mother saying how ashamed she was of LaPrimaDonna(The girl people believe that perezstargossip 2nd account is). OH DON'T YOU MISS THE OLD STARDOLL AND ITS CRAZY PEOPLE?
I remember on my other account that I made '06(Super long story to why I deleted my account) that we had many guestbook parties, beverlyhillshei and springgates we drama filled WHORE, Virtually hooked up with other men and got into lots over TROUBLE!

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