Elite's Diary Debuts

Elite Diary made its debut today, the release party was a success. It was more of a get together but still successful at the end. Host EliteNews had many many announcements to put out there. One being that she is going to open up another blog. This one is going to be a personal blog of her life on Stardoll, yet still fake like her other blogs. I love her blogs, they're very funny, and will I encourage you to view this blog, when it makes it debut!

The other announcements are the Findurlove will be a new gossip reporter for Elite News, and Nojarama will be a new gossip reporter for Elite's Nightlife.

Back to Elite's Diary, It is very interesting, its about a girl who moves to the city of her dreams, she meets many new people and also get to see some celebs. The first celeb she walked into was Vasia28. Please do view this blog, it means alot to the owner and I really a fab' blog!
Owner is: BabetteCouture-- To view this blog click here

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