A couple of days ago I was scammed when I was trying to but Mary-Kate RC dress. At first she wanted to trade but she wanted to go first I didn't really want to go, and then she was really mad at me and said she doesn't know why i didn't trust her because she has peference! WELL ALL THE PEOPLE ON HER LIST HE HAD NEVER CAME IN CONTACT WITH! So I decided that I would just buy it, so first she put up a ugly tshirt for 160 and i bought it like I was told and then he never put the dress up for 500sd like he told me he was! Then again today he messaged me saying if you sale my your LE Bikini for 200 you will get your money back!... Let me think! HELL NO!, then I called him a BITCH and he logoff! PLEASE REPORT HIM! HE IS SCAMMING GIRLS ALL OVER STARDOLL, Do not let him do this!


  1. What A Bitch! Let's Get Him Off Of Stardoll, Shall We?

  2. Totally! Thanks for being such a great person Linnea! :D